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Social Responsibility Of Vtime Watch Co., Ltd

Time:2019-03-16 Views:319
The mission of Vtime Watch is closely linked to social responsibility. 
The company‘s policy is to abide by national laws and regulations, maintain a high degree of professional ethics, and maintain a good social reputation.
To this end, we promise to the public:
1. Do not use underage workers or involuntary workers under the age of 18.
2. Provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
3. Treat equally, respect any employee, do not despise, do not abuse.
4. Provide social insurance for each of our employees in accordance with relevant regulations.
5. We pay employees in accordance with regulatory standards, and the salary will not be lower than the local minimum wage.
6. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and call on employees to protect the ecological environment.
Vtime watch factory has passed the international SMETA audit and obtained the production license (FAMA) of all brands under Disney and Universal Television (NBCU).
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