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Where Can Order Custom Watches And Some advices?

Time:2019-04-24 Views:237
With the rapid development of technology, the production process of watches has become more and more exquisite. From the simple style at the beginning to the present, we have witnessed the transformation of this road.
Of course, for some consumers, the role of the watch is not only a time-keeping tool, but how to reflect their unique personality is more important. More and more buyers are paying more attention to the customization of watches and the matching of clothing.
So, where can we order custom watches?
Mens suede leather band chrono watches
First, where is the factory for custom watches?
Under normal circumstances, there are many places where watches can be customized around the world, such as Switzerland, Japan, and the United States, which are very familiar to everyone. However, foreign custom watches are relatively more expensive, and there are many inconveniences in communication.
If you don‘t want to customize it abroad, you can also choose to customize it in China. Such as Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other watch industries sent to the city. There are many professional watchmaking factories in these cities, and you can choose according to your own preferences or living conditions.
Dongguan Vtime Watch Factory specializes in the production of sports watches, electronic watches, silicone watches, quartz watches, gift watches, fashion watches, has a professional design team responsible for research and development and production, as a professional manufacturer of professional foreign trade OEM watches for fifteen years,
We have provided watch customization and watch processing services for 500+ watch brands, and authorized production through Disney FAMA, SEDEX social responsibility audit.

Second, what should you pay attention to when customizing your watch?
1. Identify your goals
First of all, when you customize your watch, you must choose what kind of watch you want to customize, what kind of material you need, and how much you need. This will also make your back work orderly.
2, compare each before order
When we buy jewelry, we all know that we have to shop around, and naturally we can‘t choose less customization. Especially in terms of price, we must first measure it well and not blindly.
Some factories in China report low prices, but deliberately choose cheaper but poor quality movements in production, or use high imitation batteries to shoddy, so choose a professional reputable watch factory cooperation.
3. Communicate with watch factory
No matter what kind of watch you want to customize, consumers must communicate with the manufacturer or the watchmaker in advance so that the subsequent effects do not meet the conditions they want.
The main specifications to be confirmed for custom watches are as follows:
1) Choose domestic or imported movements and batteries,
2) The material of the case and strap,
3) The waterproof rating of the watch,
4) Customized watch box size, printing, craft and other issues.
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