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3 Main Reasons to wear a watch_Why You Should Start Wearing A Watch

Time:2019-01-11 Views:458
Modern people are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones, eating and watching mobile phones, sleeping and watching mobile phones, and not being able to go to the toilet. The function of the mobile phone is also getting stronger and stronger, and the time display is absolutely there. It is normal to have something to do with the bright screen.
Since the mobile phone has become so popular, people who still choose to wear a watch will think about it.

1. Form a good concept of time

Watching a watch is a very convenient and very normal action. You only need to lift your wrist to see it, and you may have to pick up the phone from the messy table or pocket and press the screen. If you say that the watch is 2 minutes, then take the phone to see the time should be 10 minutes.
Watching time often shows that you are a person with a tight time, and the watch you can see when you look down makes it easier to plan your time.
There are rumors in the market that in Hong Kong where the rhythm of life is very tight, the bosses will pay attention to whether the interviewer wears a watch during the interview. If there is, it means that he is a person who values the concept of time, and he will feel a little bit good about him.
Regardless of the authenticity of this rumor, it is generally believed that wearing a watch is conducive to the establishment of a good personal concept of time.

2. Make a good impression
Why men need a watch

When you need to look at the time, it is not suitable for taking out the phone, such as during a meeting. But if you just lift your hand and glance over the watch, it‘s simple and doesn‘t affect the atmosphere. If you are a teacher, take a look at the watch when you are going to class.
Students are also very likely to feel that you have to go to class on time, and the classroom atmosphere is suddenly active.
If you are going to see the goddess of your favorite, wear a simple big three-handed watch, and when she opens the door, when she opens her chair and asks her to sit down, she will open the umbrella for her on a rainy day. At the time, it is enough to reflect your refined gentleman‘s breath, then you are not far from the goddess.
And when you need business talks, a three-needle and one-line watch can show your rigorous and sincere attitude, and let partners see your unique taste.

3. Understand high-end consumption & improve aesthetic awareness

Although many people are not financially capable, they may not have the ability to consume the top watches. However, with the love of watches, delve into the knowledge of watches, perhaps you know no less than Dai Baida.
While deep understanding of high-end watches, you can also understand the high-end consumer concepts at the relevant level. In the past, my parents always said, don‘t take the difference between yourself and learning.
Watching the watch is also the same. When you have been immersed in the watch industry for many years, you can watch the high and high eyes of the watch at a glance.
Watches are like clothes. When you attend different occasions, you should match different styles of watches to reflect your good personal taste. When playing golf, horseback riding, and bowling, wear a watch with a sporty style that is full of energy.
When you go to Sunshine Beach and Champagne BMW, a sparkling casual watch will help you attract the attention of countless bikini girls.

The fun of watches is endless, producing beautiful watches, is also the beginning of the clock factory.
If you have more experience wearing a watch, why not share with us?
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