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Custom watch company tell you how to wear a watch properly

Time:2019-01-10 Views:396
The watch was born as a timing thing, but with the development of people‘s needs and watchmaking, the watch is no longer just a functional accessory, it can be used as a jewelry. Wearing a watch will make people more temperament, regardless of gender.
Together is also a sign of substance and identity. Although you can wear a watch for all occasions, wear a watch and pay attention to some small details. So today, the light luxury product Xiaobian will bring us how to wear the watch correctly.
When it comes to wearing a watch, the problem that many people mentioned is that it is good to wear a watch. In fact, on this issue, it is very simple to choose which hand to wear the watch. It can‘t affect your normal behavior. It is usually worn on non-dominant hands, so that you will not have any influence on daily activities, no matter whether you are writing or writing. . Together, it also reduces the chance of damage to the watch.
Others say that the "male left female right" wearing method, this sounds a bit of a traditional taste, because China has been left to the left since ancient times, the small spread on the right side, including the second time of the holiday time seat is also organized, perhaps For this reason, men like to wear watches on their left hand. From the structure of the watch, the clockwork knob of the general watch and the button knob for adjusting the time are on the right side of the watch dial. Along with the small planning space of the watch, there are very few watches that are suitable for the right hand. It is not easy to plan a mirrored watch. It is not a small modification. The organization is reversed, but the direction of rotation of the pointer is the same. In addition, even if you don‘t have to have a good hand, twisting the knob is not awkward, and there is no need to plan the right hand version from scratch. In fact, the left hand of the watch is still the right hand, there is no hard rule, how to choose our habits, some people think that the right hand is comfortable, take the right hand, think that the left hand is beautiful, you can also bring your left hand.
In the end, it is said that different types of watches are suitable for wearing. As mentioned above, watches can highlight temperament, which also means that they have their own types. There are three major categories of formal dressing, business and sports.

The formal dressing table is also called the dressing table, which is usually made of precious materials such as gold, silver or platinum, so the price is also more expensive. The classic style is often an elegant round table or a delicate square table, which distributes the finest leather. The strap (black or brown) is suitable for formal wear. Together, because the price of the formal dressing table is very expensive, it is a sign of the identity orientation. If you can‘t afford it, you don‘t have to think about buying a watch. Because cheap watches may bring negative comments, it‘s better not to wear them. Generally, people like to choose a formal dress that is the same as the metal color of other jewelry or accessories. For example, if a lady wears a platinum ring, she will choose a platinum, silver or platinum watch, assuming that a man wears a gold cufflink. He will choose a gold watch.

The business table can actually be said to be a branch of the formal table, only slightly in the "formal degree" than the formal table. Because there is a definition of business table in the world, in the strict sense, as long as the wearer‘s formal, capable and prudent business mood can be highlighted, such watches can be counted as business forms. Although the business form is the same as the formal table, the details are not as cautious as the formal table. Therefore, in the choice of the strap, it can also be distributed. Plastic, stainless steel, and even woven nylon straps can be used. Therefore, it is better to use it to distribute shirts and jackets than to distribute trousers and Polo shirts. It is much simpler than the formal watch. It also needs to match the color of the strap and the shoes and the belt. It is assumed that your shoes are black. Do not wear a brown strap. You can buy more straps in several colors that can be used to assign different shoes and belts. Perhaps you can choose a strap that is between brown and black.

The sport watch looks stylish and is more liked by young people. Related to the general watch, its function is more robust. For example, waterproof, shockproof, anti-fall pressure guess, height, heart rate, compass and other strong functions. Use it as a daily watch, perhaps to help you time while running or exercising. The material of the sport watch strap is usually rubber, plastic or canvas, which is strong, sweat-proof and waterproof. You can check the instructions and tell you how long the watch can be used underwater. In addition to sports time, you can also use a sport watch to assign long-sleeved shirts or even ties. Don‘t use a sport watch to assign a suit. It‘s just like sneakers with sneakers. It makes people feel that your level is very low.
After we introduced the above, did we have more understanding of wearing watches? In fact, wearing a watch is not a simple assignment. There are no rules and restrictions, but there are many cultures to be included.
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