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Do You Know Your Watch Waterproof Number Mean

Time:2019-04-02 Views:236

I often meet friends or customers who ask me:What is the waterproof function of the watch? What is the waterproof number on the back of the watch mean?

Can I wear it to bath or swim? Here are some detailed explanations for these questions.


How to check the waterproof level

The waterproof level is usually engraved around the bottom cover of the watch. If there is English word for "WATER RESISTANT" or "WATER PROOF", it means that your love watch has waterproof function, and generally it will follow the waterproof level. If the number behind is (30M), the waterproof rating is 30 meters waterproof. Please note: 30 meters waterproof does not mean 30 meters underwater, but refers to the atmospheric pressure strength of 30 meters, every 10 meters as a zone segment (10M = 1 ATM = 1 BAR), the higher the strength, the better the waterproof quality.


Life waterproof

Life waterproofing can be understood from its name and is attributed to the daily waterproofing. Generally, the specific waterproof level is not marked. The factory only produces watches according to the conventional waterproof structure. In daily life, daily washing or rainy days accidentally splashes a little water on the surface of the watch, which does not affect the watch, but cannot be directly put into the water. Try to avoid touching any liquid.


30 meters waterproof

30 meters waterproof ( 3ATM), also belongs to the daily waterproof category, but better than the waterproof quality of ordinary life waterproofing, daily cleaning or rainy days accidentally splashing the problem is not big, because it does not cause any water pressure on the watch . However, it cannot be washed and soaked in water. If it is to be cleaned, wipe it slowly with a wet towel.

50 meters waterproof

50 meters waterproof (5ATM), attributed to the enhanced daily waterproof, suitable for daily use such as hand washing, face washing, washing vegetables, etc., can be washed with a small amount of cold water, but can not be soaked in water for a long time, but can not enter the pool and the sea.

100 meters waterproof

100 meters waterproof (10ATM), you can swim in the water park or in the shallow waters of the wild, no problem for daily use. However, if there is a bump, you need to pay attention to whether the cover case has a gap.


Waterproof more than 200 meters

You can wear a watch in the eyes of the world to jump into the water. Suitable for diving in the deep water area, diving, but be careful not to exceed the water pressure that the watch can withstand.


Comparison of waterproof performance of different case style

The round watch and the waterproof apron are the closest, which is generally the best waterproof. The waterproof performance is based on the difference in the shape of the watch: round table > oval table > square or irregular table. In addition, the crown, the back cover and the edge of the mirror are the easiest to enter, so the design of the watch also affects the waterproof performance. For example, a spiral crown and a thicker model usually have better waterproof function; an ultra-thin watch cannot be effectively waterproof due to limited space, so the waterproof performance is relatively poor.


Watch waterproof attention

Waterproof watches are generally not suitable for use in hot water baths, saunas, or environments with widely varying temperatures. Because the waterproof rubber ring is affected by the temperature, it will expand and shrink, and the gap will be accelerated and the aging will be affected. In particular, except for some models, most waterproof watches cannot be operated in the water and adjust the crown (handle), while the non-spiral crown should return the crown to the normal position, the thread crown should Tighten to prevent water from seeping into the watch.


When the watch encounters the problem of water ingress, it is best to rush to the watch shop to carry out the treatment of the movement of the movement or the drying of the case by the professional master. It is better not to blow it dry by the hair dryer when the machine is not taken out. Otherwise the problem will go worse.

If you have any question about waterproof function of custom watches, please feel free to contact us.

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