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How To Custom Silicone watches

Time:2018-02-22 Views:658
Silicone watch are one of the types of watches that have been popular in the watch industry in recent years.
The raw material used in the silicone watch is solid silica gel. The watch band is formed by molding and vulcanization. The head is usually 

assembled with a plastic watch. The buckle is usually made of hardware or plastic.

The silicone watch strap itself has a certain tension and softness, feels comfortable, bright colors, environmental protection will not cause 

damage to the skin, the strap can be bent and deformed at will and recover immediately. It is a popular promotional gift in recent years.

The silicone watch has the advantages of abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no toxicity, no taste, no side 

effects on the human body, softness, no cracking, long service life, no irritating skin, etc. The product is cheap, and it is very good as a 

promotional gift. select,

It is also one of the green silicone accessories.
The strap made of silicone is also used to match the watches of other high-end luxury watches, rich and varied colors.

How to maintain a silicone watch
1. When you touch the water, it is recommended to take off the watch to avoid damage (the silicone watch as a low-priced fashion watch 

usually does not use a highly waterproof movement);
2. Do not place the watch near a fire source or in a dark and damp place, pay attention to the aging of the moisture-proof battery;
3. If the watch is dusty or encounters water, wipe it with a fine dry cotton cloth;

Dongguan Watch Jewelry Co., Ltd.,
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design mold production, Pan Tong color

Number custom color.

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