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What is Alloy Watch_Custom Watch

Time:2019-03-09 Views:262
The general consumer is not very clear about the material of the watch, and the clock watch makes a brief introduction to the alloy watch.
Alloy watches generally have the following classifications:
Zinc alloy watches, aluminum alloy watches, titanium alloy watches.
Zinc alloy watch
This material watch is the most commonly used alloy material in the factory because it is inexpensive and easy to process, and is often used on low-end watches as a promotional and gift watch.
Sometimes we see some styles in the small shops on the roadside, but the metal watches with prices between tens and 200 are basically made of zinc alloy.
Zinc alloy watch features:
1. Relatively significant.
2. The casting performance is good, and the precision parts with thin and thin walls can be die-casted, and the surface of the casting is smooth.
3. Surface treatment: electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, grinding, etc.
4. No iron is absorbed during melting and die casting, no corrosion is applied, and no mold is applied.
5. Has good mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature.
6. Low melting point, melting at 385 ° C, easy to die-cast.
Aluminum alloy watch
Compared with zinc alloys, aluminum alloys are used much less on watches, mainly because of the higher cost of the materials themselves, and their physical properties are much more fragile than zinc alloys, which can easily cause defects in the production process of watch factories. Lead to high losses.
Therefore, the price of the same style IDE aluminum alloy watch is generally 2-3 times the price of the zinc alloy watch.
Advantages of aluminum alloy watches: The weight is much lighter than that of zinc alloys, and it is resistant to high temperatures. It can be anodized and electroplated, which gives the watch a variety of beautiful colors.
Titanium alloy watch
Watches using titanium alloys for watch cases and straps have become more and more popular in recent years. This is not simply fashionable, but mainly because titanium has many advantages. The first is that it has a light specific gravity (4.5g/cm3), which is about 55% of steel, but its strength and hardness are close to that of stainless steel. Secondly,
It has excellent corrosion resistance and basically does not rust; it is green and environmentally friendly. It is not harmful to human body like nickel metal.
However, due to the difficulty in manufacturing titanium alloys, titanium alloy watches are also the most expensive of the three watches, generally used in high-end watch brands.
Everyone has any good ideas about the material of the watch, you can leave a message to us.
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